Privacy Policy

Globmagazine is committed to keeping your and your family’s personal information safe when using Globmagazine.

In order to make full use of the Globmagazine , you sometimes have to share your personal information with the Globmagazine.

It is mandatory for the Globmahazine to use the information you provide under the Data Protection Act and all applicable law to keep personal information safe.

What kind of information will the Globmagazine collect about me?

You may need to provide some personal information in order to access Globmagazine . Such as your name, email address, telephone and mobile number or date of birth.

After typing your information in the space provided, Globmagazine gives you the opportunity to use the service of your choice.

Globmagazine uses some cookies in this case. A cookie is a small amount of data that is stored on a website that contains information about your likes and dislikes. This allows Globmagazine to present the websites of your choice. You can allow these cookies to be inserted into your web browser, so you may have a notification option – you may not allow cookies to be inserted again.

Similarly we collect IP addresses (IP is a specific number through which a specific device on a particular computer or network can be identified).

We analyze all of these IP addresses and cookies through software to present globmagazine as you wish. However, this information is never used to build your personal data base and is wasted at regular intervals.

This IP address also determines whether you are using globmagazine website from worldwide

If you are 18 or under, get your guardian’s permission before giving out your personal information on Globmagazine website. Providing any information on the Globmagazine website without parental permission is prohibited.

How will the Globmagazine use my personal information?

In a few cases the Globmagazine uses your personal information. These include the ‘Service Administration Purpose’, for example, the globmagazine may contact you in case you need a website.

The Globmagazine will keep the information you provide confidential unless there are legal obligations or legal restrictions.

How long will the globmagazine store my personal information?

To use the Globmagazine website, the Globmagazine will store your personal information for as long as necessary. Also, if you write or post something on a Globmagazine website, it will be saved for a reasonable amount of time.

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